A little introduction to our world...

We're a young and growing team in Hamburg who have made it their special mission to spread happiness around the globe with yummy, sparkly and colourful sprinkles

After we felt a little let down in our search for standout and beautiful cake decorations in Germany, we spent years travelling to the US with an empty suitcase to fill our bags with exciting and modern cake supplies. In 2018, we decided to take matters into our own hands and founded our very own sprinkles start-up : Happy Sprinkles!

Since then, we sprinkle a little love and happiness onto anything and everything and always look for ways to make the world of baking a little more colourful, sparkling and exciting! We're being listed in new shops around the world on almost a daily basis now - both national and international - and would love it if you became part of our happy journey.

Euer Happy Sprinkles Team