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Himmlische Erdbeerquark Torte

Heavenly Strawberry Cheesecake

This fabulous recipe is by Elena from "backmichgluecklich":  We think the cake looks incredible - even though it's actually fairly easy to make. You can find the recipe here:   htt...

Köstliche Petit Fours

Yummy Petit Fours

This yummy recipe is from our friends at Backbox who many of you likely know already:  These litte sugary classics date back to the 18th century in France, but nothing has since changed...

Mini Amerikaner

Mini Amerikaner (German Style)

The recipe for classic German Mini Amerikaner is by Corinna from MixGenuss - take a look!  The perfect snack for in between or when you're on the go! You can find the recipe here: https:...


Choccy Bananas

This delicious recipe for Chocolate Bananas is by Corinna from MixGenuss Oh Em Gee - Who doesn't love Choccy Bananas?! …. because they're so popular, you'll often find they're sold out in local ba...

Köstlicher Karottengugel

Delicious Carrot Cakes

A lovely recipe by Laura from "thebakery2go":        Easter is just around the corner and there's one thing we can't be missing around that time - the famous carrot cake! L...