How it all began...

Wie alles begann...

You've always wondered
how Happy Sprinkles came to be in the first place?

Happy Sprinkles originally came about as a completely different idea: In 2012, our boss Lilli founded Bunny & Scott, a catering company here in Hamburg.
For years, we stood in the kitchen almost every day and baked what we could: whether wedding cakes, personalized cupcakes for companies, cake pops or entire candy buffets - no order was like the other and we baked everything with a lot of dedication and decorated with attention to detail!

OTTO Cupcakes für Firmen, personalisiert gebacken mit Cake Toppern

Hochzeitstorte Mr & Mrs, Drip Cake mit Macarons und Blüten, Torte mit Hochzeit Caketopper

Candy Buffet mit Cupcakes, Torte, Cakepops und Macarons

Cakepop mit Schokolade und Streuseln, selbstgebacken

Just a few years later, in 2017, Lilli opened the café in addition to the catering service. In addition to the catering business, there was not only insanely delicious coffee here, but also all Bunny & Scott treats to try. From cake pops to cupcakes, macarons and cakes - the cake counter was always full to bursting!

Bunny & Scott Cafe Theke mit Cupcakes, Torte, Cakepops und Macarons

Cafe Bunny & Scott in Hamburg mit Cupcakes, Torten, Cakepops und Macarons

Macarons, Cupcakes, Cake Pops und Torte mit Latte Macchiato im Cafe probieren

During all this time, however, there was always the same problem: modern baking accessories and beautiful sprinkles were hard to find on the German market. So on every trip to the USA, we stocked up on sprinkles and other baking accessories in order to conjure up the most beautiful cupcakes, cakes and cakepops for you back in Germany!
One year after the opening of the café, in 2018, Lilli thought to herself: "Girl Power, I'll just take the whole thing into my own hands!", and founded her own sprinkle startup:

Happy Sprinkles Logo

Since then, we've been sprinkling everything we can get our hands on! Over the years, we have continuously expanded our product line and currently offer more than 200 different sprinkles as well as our own baking supplies to both wholesale and retail customers around the world! This has also led to us changing locations three times already (not counting the back rooms of the cafe), getting bigger and bigger each time, so that we now have three floors of Happy Sprinkles!

Schneebesen von Happy Sprinkles zum Backen, Verrühren von Teig und Cremes

Happy Sprinkles Streuselmix Sweet Mermaid mit Meerjungfrauenflossen zum Verzieren von Cupcakes, Torten und Donuts

Silikonform Twister Cakesicles für Cakepops, Schokolade und Kuchen am Stiel

Thanks to you, we now get to do what we love every day: make the baking world more colorful, exciting, and sprinkly!✨

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