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Do you know it too? The birthday of your best friend or Christmas always comes faster than expected? Or there is a spontaneous invitation and you just cannot think of the right gift?
There's always something!🤷🏼♀️
But to make sure that you are perfectly prepared for every occasion, we have put together the ultimate gift guide for you, just have a look!

Always a winner!


Happy Sprinkles Gift Certificate.

Gifts under 10€

Mini crumble scoops 6,90€

Happy Sprinkles Mini Streuselschaufeln für Streuselmixe und Tortendeko

Your sprinkles land everywhere but where they should? This time is over now! With our mini sprinkle scoops in pretty pastel colors you can ideally dose the sprinkles and decorate precisely - for an even better sprinkle result on your cake, cupcake and cookies!

Silicone mold small hearts 5,90€

Silikonform kleine Herzen für Schokolade, Pralinen, Eiswürfel, kleine Kuchen

For decorating cakes & cupcakes or for chocolates - with this silicone mold it's done. The advantage of silicone over conventional molds: You can release the hardened chocolate without breaking. In addition, this silicone mold is even microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe! (-40°C to 220°C).

Sprinkles saver 9,90€

Streuseltrichter zum Zurückfüllen von Streuseln und Streuselmixen nach der Tortendeko

With this sprinkle saver, the sprinkle chaos in the kitchen is a thing of the past! Simply pour the selected mix onto the tray and pick out the desired sprinkles. Afterwards, the small sprinkles can be easily filled back into the tin via the funnels in the corners.

Gifts under 30€

Donut baking set 27.90€

Donut Backset DIY mit Streuseln, Colour Mill und Donut-Rezept

The sugary sweet pastry with the hole in the middle and optionally with colorful sugar icing or fancy topping has definitely won us over and it's hard to imagine life without it. We have created this donut set so you can now bake and decorate your own donuts at home in no time! 🥰

Pastel Dream 27,90€

Pastel Dream Streuselbox in Pastellfarben zum Dekorieren von Torten, Cupcakes und Keksen

Where are our pastel lovers? 😍🙋🏼♀️ A box packed to the brim with our favorite pastel mixes, triangles and sticks, chocolate balls and sugary sweet hearts that we instantly fell head over heels in love with! 💕

DIY Mermaid Set 29,90€

DIY Mermaid Set für Schokolade mit Meerjungfrauen Streuseln und Colour Mill

Summer, sun ☀️, beach 🏖 and sea (-maidens 🧜♀️/men 🧜♂️). Dive into a wonderful, pastel underwater world this summer with our DIY Mermaid Set. Decorate your homemade chocolate bar with our Sweet Mermaid mix. The little purple fins are a real highlight, guaranteed!🤩 The whole set is rounded off by the great food colors from Colour Mill.

Gifts over 30€

Happy baking box in the trial subscription 34.90€

Happy Sprinkles Happy Backbox Backabo mit Streuseln und Backzubehör

With the flexible subscription to our Happy Baking Box, you have the option to opt out at any time if you just don't feel like baking anymore. This makes it a great option to get started in the world of baking or to give as a gift to your loved ones.

Crazy Pastel Deal 61.00€

Crazy Pastel Deal mit Streuseln und Colour Mill Lebensmittelfarben in Pastellfarben

One of each please 😍 Whether sprinkle mixes or the popular food colors of Colour Mill - the CRAZY PASTEL DEAL is ideal for all pastel lovers and baking maniacs! And the best: when you buy our pastel compilation you get the Mix Cotton Candy and the collector's box for FREE!!!

🎁🎁 Not found what you are looking for? Discover our entire gift category HERE! 🎁🎁

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