Sprinkles Bestseller

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Tanja's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Pastel VibesHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Pastel Vibes
Pastel Vibes Angebotab 7,90€ (8,78€/100g)
Thomas Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Football ChampionFootball Champion
Football Champion Angebotab 7,90€ (8,78€/100g)
Happy Topping Choco HeavenHappy Topping Choco Heaven
Happy Topping Choco Heaven Angebotab 5,90€(6,56€/100g)
🤍 Lilli's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Dancing QueenHappy Sprinkles Streusel Dancing Queen
Dancing Queen Angebotab 6,90€ (7,67€/100g)
Andrea's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Jurassic PartyHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Jurassic Party
Jurassic Party Angebotab 7,90€ (8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Dancing Queen
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) Pastel StrandsHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) Pastel Strands
Pastel Strands Angebot4,20€(4,67€/100g)
Ann-Kathrin's FavoriteClassics
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Happy Ever AfterHappy Sprinkles Streusel Happy Ever After
Happy Ever After Angebotab 7,90€(8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Cosmic GalaxyHappy Sprinkles Streusel Cosmic Galaxy
Cosmic Galaxy Angebot7,90€(8,78€/100g)
Robin's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) World of MagicHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) World of Magic
World of Magic Angebot7,90€(8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) Pastel SimplicityHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) Pastel Simplicity
Pastel Simplicity Angebot4,20€(4,67€/100g)
Justine's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Sweet MermaidSweet Mermaid
Sweet Mermaid Angebot7,90€(8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Sweet Mermaid
Happy Sprinkles Streusel But First, UnicornsHappy Sprinkles Streusel But First, Unicorns
But First, Unicorns Angebotab 7,90€ (8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) White SimplicityHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (90g) White Simplicity
White Simplicity Angebot3,90€(4,33€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Birthday Parade NEWHappy Sprinkles Streusel Birthday Parade NEW
Birthday Parade Angebotab 7,90€ (8,78€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (80g) Gold Choco SHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Beginner (80g) Gold Choco S
Gold Choco S Angebot6,90€(9,20€/100g)
Basti's Favorite
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Frost QueenHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Frost Queen
Frost Queen Angebot6,90€(7,67€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Enthusiast (130g) Vintage Gold Choco XXLHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Enthusiast (130g) Vintage Gold Choco XXL
Vintage Gold Choco XXL Angebot10,90€(8,38€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Enthusiast (190g) Vintage GildingHappy Sprinkles Streusel Enthusiast (190g) Vintage Gilding
Vintage Gilding Angebot10,90€(6,06€/100g)
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Enthusiast (190g) Milky WayHappy Sprinkles Streusel Enthusiast (190g) Milky Way
Milky Way Angebot10,90€(6,06€/100g)

Welcome to the "Sprinkles Bestseller" category! We are all about colors, fun and funny motifs. Here you'll find our absolute favorite sprinkle mixes - there's something for every occasion! 🥳

Be enchanted by the variety of colorful sugar sprinkles, small and large chocolate balls, sugar pearls, beautiful motifs and rods. These unique sprinkle mixes add the finishing touch to your baking creations 😍. Whether classically elegant, brightly colored, Nordic maritime, summery fresh or pink to fall in love with - the choice of sprinkles is limitless!