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Silberne Rods perfekt zum Backen und Verzieren von Torten, Cupcakes und Donuts
The world of sprinkles is colorful and diverse and spreads an insanely good mood! Each of our sprinkle mixes is unique and developed with a lot of love. But what is inside the super sweet sprinkle mixes from Happy Sprinkles? Read on and find out!🔍

Choco S & M

Delicately melting chocolate pearls with a diameter of 0.5 cm (Choco S) and 1 cm (Choco M). Perfect as stand-alone cake decorations or in combination with our sprinkle mixes.

Sun & Fun Choco M Schokokugeln in gelb, weiß, rosa und lila

Choco XXL

The delicious balls with cookie crunch have a diameter of about 1.5 cm and are available in many different colors. They are the perfect topping for a cupcake or cake and definitely the eye-catcher on any pastry!

Peach XXL Schoko Crunch Happy Sprinkles


You've probably already discovered them - the numerous motives with and without 3D effect make each of our sprinkle mixes a unique highlight! Thematically there is something for everyone: sweet hearts and stars, dinosaurs, planets, bats, crowns, donuts, lemons, bananas... You can already tell the list is long! And even seasonally there is always something suitable: who is not happy about sweet bunnies, eggs and carrots at Easter? In the summer, of course, the ice cream cone can not be missing and on Halloween it is scary beautiful with pumpkins, skulls and bones! At Christmas time you can look forward to little gingerbread men, mistletoe, christmas trees, candy canes, reindeer and much more.

Mermaid Tails Streusel Motiv Meerjungfrauen Flossen


One of our favorite sprinkle mix additions, but also the hardest: Rods are nothing more than raw spaghetti coated in sugar and dyed all the colors of the rainbow (and more!)! Therefore, a little caution is called for here when eating, but don't worry: no one has ever cut their teeth on it. 😉

Pink Dull Rods

Simplicity / Non-Pareilles

The basis of our sprinkle mixes and absolutely indispensable: the small Non-Pareille pearls! They come in many different colors and not only do they look great in one color, but also in a wide variety of color combinations! For simple, minimalist decoration, the Non-Pareille pearls are just the right fit!

Maybe Baby Simplicity Non-Pareille in blau, rosa und weiß


If it may be a little larger than pearls, our strands are just right for you! The elongated sugar sprinkles are available in the most beautiful good mood colors, so that there is the right mixture for every baking occasion!

Sundowner Happy Sprinkles Strands in weiß, gelb, rosa und orange

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