Baking sets

Are you a real baking enthusiast and only individual mixes or Colour Mill food colours are simply not enough? Then you've come to the right place!

With our baking kits, you'll not only get a variety of baking accessories, but also a recipe created by Emma from Emma's Lieblingsstücke (both in German and English!) to show off in front of your friends and family! All the special ingredients or tools (such as cookie cutters, silicone molds or Colour Mill food colours) you need for this recipe are already packed for you in the set, so you can get started straight away at home 💪🏼

Our CRAZY DEALS are ideal for anyone who wants to go all out thematically - be it for summer, Valentine's Day or more. Here you'll find a carefully selected range of our Happy Sprinkles sprinkles mixes and Colour Mill food colours so you'll have everything you need in your kitchen!

Last but not least, there is of course our Happy Baking Box in cooperation with Emma from "Emma's Lieblingsstücke". This box is available as a subscription with different minimum durations and you will receive exciting new recipes, at least one of our Happy Sprinkles sprinkle mixes and numerous other ingredients and baking accessories every two months!

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Happy Sprinkles Streusel Autumn BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Autumn Bundle
Autumn Bundle Sale price235,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Halloween BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Halloween Bundle
Halloween Bundle Sale price226,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Sommer BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Sommer Bundle
Summer Bundle Sale price278,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel DIY Mermaid SetHappy Sprinkles Streusel DIY Mermaid Set
DIY Mermaid Bundle Sale price141,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Best of BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Best of Bundle
Best of Bundle Sale price282,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Kids BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Kids Bundle
Kids Bundle Sale price212,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Birthday BundleHappy Sprinkles Streusel Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle Sale price282,00 zł
Sold out
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Einschulung BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Einschulung Backset
First day of school Baking Set Sale price118,00 zł
Sold out
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Donut BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Donut Backset
Donut Baking Set Sale price132,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Fußball BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Fußball Backset
Soccer Baking Set Sale price118,00 zł
Sold out
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Pastel Vibes BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Pastel Vibes Backset
Pastel Vibes Baking Set Sale price179,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel CRAZY PASTEL DEALHappy Sprinkles Streusel CRAZY PASTEL DEAL
CRAZY PASTEL DEAL Sale price288,00 zł
Sold out
Happy Sprinkles Streusel CRAZY KIDS DEAL
CRAZY KIDS DEAL Sale price288,00 zł
Happy Sprinkles Streusel Süßes Danke BacksetHappy Sprinkles Streusel Süßes Danke Backset
Sweet thank you Baking Bundle Sale price155,00 zł