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Sweet thank you baking setSweet thank you baking set
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Best of Bundle - SummerHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Pastel Dream
Best of Bundle - Summer Angebot48,00€ Regulärer Preis69,00€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Pastel Vibes baking setHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Pastel Vibes baking set
Pastel Vibes baking set Angebot37,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Birthday BundleHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Birthday Bundle
Birthday Bundle Angebot59,90€ Regulärer Preis67,00€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles School enrollment baking setHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles School enrollment baking set
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Hot Chocolate Bomb BundleHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Hot Chocolate Bomb Bundle
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Donut baking setHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Donut baking set
Donut baking set Angebot27,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Best of BundleHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Best of Bundle
Best of Bundle Angebot48,00€ Regulärer Preis69,00€
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Trial subscriptionTrial subscription
Trial subscription Angebot36,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Football baking setHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Football baking set
Soccer baking set Angebot24,90€
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles DIY Mermaid SetHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles DIY Mermaid Set
DIY Mermaid Bundle Angebot29,90€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY PASTEL DEALHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY PASTEL DEAL
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles Kids BundleHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles Kids Bundle
Kids Bundle Angebot44,90€ Regulärer Preis51,00€
Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY LOVE DEALHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY LOVE DEAL
CRAZY LOVE DEAL Angebot61,00€
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Happy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY KIDS DEALHappy Sprinkles Sprinkles CRAZY KIDS DEAL
CRAZY KIDS DEAL Angebot61,00€
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Shimmer & Shine Cocktail BundleShimmer & Shine Cocktail Bundle
Are you a real baking enthusiast and not satisfied with individual mixes or Colour Mill food colorings? Then you've come to the right place! 
With our baking kits, you not only get a wide range of baking accessories, but also a recipe created by Emma from Emma's Favorites to show off to friends and family! All the special ingredients or tools (such as cookie cutters, silicone molds or Colour Mill food coloring) you need for this recipe are already packed in the set for you so you can get started right away at home 💪🏼
Our CRAZY DEALS are ideal for anyone who really wants to let off steam thematically - be it for summer, Valentine's Day or or or. Here you will find a carefully compiled selection of our Happy Sprinkles sprinkle mixes and Colour Mill food colorings to help you go full throttle in the kitchen!
With our baking bundles, you get a special selection of our bestsellers, coordinated in terms of color and theme. You also save money, because our bundles are available at a special price. Get the basic equipment you need for a colorful baking experience.