Baking Lover
6 Boxes
12 Months

Sale price31,90€
  • Minimum term: 6 boxes
  • Can be cancelled monthly thereafter
  • Price advantage with every box!

Minimum 1 year, 6 boxes, endless baking fun!

For those who really can't get enough of baking, this is the perfect deal. After all, baking is always going on anyway, so why not save big while you're at it? And that's a whole 15% off every box! Get ready for (at least) a whole year of the baking roller coaster.

You want the subscription? Then get ready for something! Every two months you can expect great surprises, delicious and unique recipes from Emma herself and of course all the baking accessories you need to make the recipes yourself at home!

If you ever get tired of baking, you can cancel your subscription after the sixth box. If not, the subscription will be automatically renewed to delight you again and again.

Please note the different shipping costs for the Happy Backbox:

Within Germany - 3,90€
Within the EU - 8,90€
Worldwide - 13,90€

There are always shipping costs for the Happy Backbox, regardless of the total value of the first order.

Additional items that are in the shopping cart when you order from the Happy Backbox will only be shipped together with the Happy Backbox. If you would like to receive other magical items before the Happy Backbox, please order them separately.