Sprinkle Pen

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1 purchase = 1 meal for children in need.

We love it beautiful and colorful! 😍 And above all, we love making decorating as easy as possible for you! 🥳 We can't get enough of great sprinkles and this sprinkle pen makes decorating wonderful cakes and much more an absolute highlight. 💝
Simply twist out the wax tip of the pen 1 millimeter and you can sprinkle happily in no time at all! 🥰
On the Happy Sprinkles, ready... GO! We look forward to many delicious creations! 🎊

Please note that the wax needs some time to come out of the pen, so you should always wait a moment before turning the pen again. This is because once the wax has come out of the pencil, the wax tip can no longer be pulled into the inside of the pencil! It is also advisable to place the Sprinkles on a well-adhering surface, buttercream is particularly suitable for this. 🫶

Thank you for your feedback!

Emily B.


The Sprinkles from Happy Sprinkles have brought my baking creations to life! They are simply magical. Thank you Happy Sprinkles.

Heike T.

"No longer without"

My kids no longer want to bake without the colorful Sprinkles ! The footballs and bats in particular are a big hit with my boys!

Sanni B.

"Colorful and great"

Baking is my big hobby and I can't do without colorful Sprinkles for the finishing touch. I like buying from Happy Sprinkles because Sprinkles is so colorful and the mixes are so inventive. And the customer service is always very helpful.

Alexa H.

"Perfect addition"

When I need Sprinkles , I buy here. The Sprinkles are the perfect addition to my cakes and cookies. And they're also from Hamburg. I'm a big fan.

David F.

"A great gift idea!"

The baking sets from Happy Sprinkles are a great gift idea! The donut baking set was perfect for my friend's birthday. She was delighted with the lovely packaging and the sprinkles. We will be baking lots more donuts with the cookie cutter.

Mark D.

"So diverse"

I love the variety of sprinkles. There's something for every occasion and I'm always really happy when a pink package arrives.